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We serve to provide health-related services

 for you and your pets

All Species Nurse is Unique from Other HealthCare Services

Why and How?


We Integrate the Prevention of Disease and Promotion of Health and Wellness of ALL Family Members: 

Humans and Animals, AND, we bridge the gap of communication in ONLINE medical degree programs

In addition:

We are NOT the same as Home Health Nurses or pet sitters.

We are the ones, instead, that come in and check on the safety of all.

Integrate the Prevention of Disease and Promotion of Health and Wellness of ALL Family Members: Humans and Animals


As a Registered Nurse 


  • Advisor in organization management for the plan of care for patients/pets/infant at home 
  • Life coach, specific to family or individual needs (i.e. disabilities)
  • Interacting with the elderly and family members to support the needs for peace of mind, body and spiritual health and well-being 
  • Education and consultations
  • Liaison support for patient and health care provider
  • Management and education of medications, nutrition, activities of daily living
  • Educate health promotion and  prevention of disease
  • Healthcare instructor
  • Patient advocate
  • Assist families where health care needs are unique 
  • Per doctor orders, will provide specialized care
  • Clinical research
  • Community Nurse


Integrative Speaker 

for professionals in 

Veterinary and Human areas involving 

seminars, workshops, trainers and motivational leader to increase employee performance and morale, that will improve organization production

As a Certified Veterinary Technologist 

(Various Specialties)

Other Services

  • Spiritual Advisor/consultant to assist in spiritual journeys, life path (ASN is an eclectic ordained minister)

  • Creating handbooks for families to be used as quick references that pertain to the family (e.g. emergency numbers, information for pet sitters, baby sitters and house sitters, etc.)

  • Meet with employer committees to generate innovative ways to boost the morale of employees

  • Inspection for safety purposes of the home for children and pets



Bridging the Gap of Communications through Mentoring, Educating and Consultations for Students in Online Classes for Human or Animal Medicine


Online School Programs

Great idea, yet there is still so much improvement needed to help a student succeed in their learning.

Are you, a family member, or is there anyone you know that is in an ONLINE healthcare degree program that feels there is a lack of or no clear communication between Instructors and students?

All Species Nurse's goal is to bridge the gap of communication that occurs in online education programs and the clinical settings between students, instructors, preceptors, and other professional health care providers. 


Oftentimes, it is assumed that both (instructor and student) are on the same page that the rubric of the assignments is understood. 

The reality; don't assume. 

**This is a good example of a disconnect in online learning. ** 

 Believe me...I know. 

Instructors have the same challenges as students.

Many instructors are unable to connect with preceptors to explain the building blocks involved in the student learning expectations during clinical rotations. 

All Species Nurse can resolve this area of concern, as well.


In addition, relating to online classes 

  • Are you wondering when your instructors will be getting back to you with questions you have--like...NOW!! ...or at least within the day before or on the day an assignment is due? 
  • Are you nervous about being negatively "targeted" because you are asking too many questions, confused about assignments, voicing concerns about the need for increased clarity in communication efforts between students and instructors, etc.?
  • Are you concerned if you're meeting (or understanding) the expectations of the course objectives?


CONGRATULATIONS! You're not alone-


All Species Nurse is an educator that assists in the student's learning as a mentor or guide that is independent from the degree programs. 

The purpose of the need for a mentor or guide? 

Students need guidance in their learning so they are prepared to apply their knowledge when interacting with patients. 

Students need to feel they are in a safe, learning and non-judgmental environment during their educational journey that All Species Nurse can provide. 


· Students need educators that are focused and dedicated to the interest and needs of the students.

· Instructors need to feel secure in knowing their students are understanding the material being taught.

· Preceptors need to understand there is a process in how a degree program is managing the steps in their students' learning 

· Patients deserve professional, quality care from knowledgeable and capable medical providers to reach a desired, positive outcome