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We serve to provide health related services for you and your pets


24 Hour Service


We know that medical needs don't stop when office hours are over. 

All Species Nurse oversees safety and provides education as it relates to the community human and animal health care needs. This is done with collaboration with other healthcare professionals for unique patient and community-centered care within and for various settings (e.g. hospitals, clinical facilities with primary care providers, veterinarians, research facilities and researchers in outdoor environments. 

All Species Nurse is a company that assists in evaluating, educating and ensuring gaps of communication for a successful education for students that is provided without judgement in a safe learning environment to meet objectives of a degree program. Part of this system is to evaluate if the learning needs are being met by all educators and preceptors. 

Oftentimes, All Species Nurse is asked to observe areas of concerns of healthcare programs in collaboration with associations in human and animal medicine for the education of students and learning environments that provide updated technology with a dedicated instructor that is available and able to provide detailed materials and information that apply to student's learning process, especially with online programs, where gaps of communication is often a concern and disconnected. Yet, on the positive side, the goal of online education is a solution that is becoming successful due to the flexibility and opportunity for individuals to get the education necessary to further their careers.  



Wellness Support for humans and animals


What is unique about All Species Nurse:

Consultations, assessments, collaboration, communication, and educational services as a health and safety coordinator for family and pet care needs.

​Breath & feel better knowing there are professionals, like All Species Nurse, that will work with you and collaborate with others that care for families that not only involves humans, but pets, too!!!

Projects of All Species Nurse

Patient Pet Care

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A Healthy Community


When you choose us, you join a community. We work not just with you but with other members of our community to build a network of people working together for a healthier world.

 If a family member is unable to care for oneself, a loved one or pet, call All Species Nurse to help out for you; at home, travels to the doctor's office and assisting in the planning of care.   

 Registered Nursing

  • Management for plan of care for patients at home 
  • Education and consultations
  • Liaison support for patient and health care provider
  • Management and education of medications, nutrition, activities of daily living.
  • Educate health promotion and  prevention disease
  • Mentor of new nurses and veterinary technicians
  • Healthcare instructor
  • Patient advocate
  • Assist families in health care needs
  • Per doctor orders, will provide specialized care

  Certified Veterinary Technologist