Welcome to All Species Nurse, LLC

Welcome to All Species Nurse, LLC

Welcome to All Species Nurse, LLC Welcome to All Species Nurse, LLC Welcome to All Species Nurse, LLC

In case of emergencies, please call 911 first

We provide mobile nursing health-related services for you and your pet 

All Species Nurse is Unique from Other HealthCare Services


Integrating Independently and with Teams in Education and Consulting needs for the Community, within Educational, Clinical and Research Settings in Areas of Prevention of Disease and Promotion of Health for ALL Family Members; Humans and Animals

Examples include 

Educating and infectious and sexually transmitted diseases


Nutrition and Medication

Substance Abuse 


Level of Care for Age-related or disabled individuals with unique healthcare needs


Clinical and Research Registered Nurse (RN)

Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC)

Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT)

Clinical Registered Nurse: 

  • Assessing the signs and symptoms of patients,
  • Monitoring and reviewing patient responses to medical treatment, 
  • Documentation in medical records and all other standard records, 
  • Collaborate for patient-centered care, 
  • Advocating for the rights, health, and well-being of patients, 
  • Administering medications for prescriptions under the scope of practice of nursing, 
  • Operating medical equipment and diagnostic tests, 
  • Educating patients and consultations where appropriate. 
  • Continuing education to update my own medical knowledge as it relates to the health and welfare of patients and the community, 
  • Working within facility protocols, 
  • Perform duties that are specific to the expertise and specialties within nursing.

Bio-Medical Clinical Research Nurse: 

  • Coordination and management of specific research protocols, 
  • IV Infusions, 
  • Protocol and Standard of Care Developments and review to ensure approval to appropriate Institutional Review Board, 
  • Provide Informed consents for recruited participants, 
  • Leadership skills, 
  • Collaborations with other research labs, 
  • Training of staff, 
  • Safety review,
  • Data collection, 
  • Processing of tissue samples, 
  • Work autonomously or within teams (collaboration) within various environment settings, including field sites (outside, traveling to other areas of the state or internationally). 

Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC). 

  • All Species Nurse can serve in dynamic roles as an analyst, strategist, researcher, and educator by
  • utilizing advanced, in-depth knowledge of medicine, the healthcare system, within medical and legal case settings and with insurance companies.

Such services include;  

Medical malpractice

Review of Medical Documents and Documentation

Lifecare Planning

Product liability

Toxic Tort

Other personal Injury 

Risk Management

Compliance and Regulations

Employment Discrimination 

Certified Veterinary Technologist 

(Various Specialties)


Other Services Provided 


Autonomous Medical Leadership in the Community or for Various Facilities, Educational Institutions, and other Organizations 

  • Interacting with family members to support the plan of care for peace of mind, body and spiritual health and well-being 
  • Life coach, specific to family or individual needs, 
  • Education and consultations
  • Advisor and organization leader management or administration
  • With Primary Care Provider's oversight; applying orders that provide specialized care for patients
  • Interacting with family members to support plan of care the needs for peace of mind, body and spiritual health and well-being 
  • Education and consultations
  • Liaison support and advocate for patient and health care provider
  • Spiritual Advisor/consultant to assist in spiritual journeys, life path (ASN is an eclectic ordained minister)
  • Creating handbooks for families to be used as quick references that pertain to the family (e.g. emergency numbers, information for pet sitters, baby sitters and house sitters, etc.)
  • Meet with employer committees to generate innovative ways to boost the morale of employees
  • Inspection for safety purposes of the home for children and pets


Integrative Speaker 

for professionals in 

Veterinary and Human areas involving 

seminars, workshops, trainers and motivational leader to increase employee performance and morale, that will improve organization production


Online School Program Consultant

There is a disconnect for students' success in online learning, but there are solutions. 

All Species Nurse's goal is to bridge the gap of communication that occurs in online education programs and the clinical settings between students, instructors, preceptors, and other professional health care providers. 

Students need to feel they are in a safe, learning and non-judgmental environment during their educational journey that All Species Nurse can provide. 


  • Students need educators that are focused and dedicated to the interest and needs of the students.
  • Instructors need to feel secure in knowing their students are understanding the material being taught.
  • Preceptors need to understand there is a process in how a degree program is managing the steps in their students' learning 
  • Patients deserve professional, quality care from knowledgeable and capable medical providers to reach a desired, positive outcome