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Fees for Services

For the cost of services below, unless specified; the charges relate to humans and/or animals

Insurance is not accepted

Credit Card is not accepted, at this time


Education (Mentoring)

Classes are two hours $150.00

Venues and subsequent visits will affect the cost

Cost of materials and books are the responsibility of the students




Annual Patient Pet Care Cost Ensurance



Spiritual Counseling (In-person only) 

$60.00 up to two hours

**An individual or family members may be referred to a church**


Health triage, monitor or management of medical care

Management of care (must have a prescription by provider and presented in-person and phone call by provider's office provider or staff). 



General Care/Non-Medical

$50.00 / hour


Patient advocate at provider's office



All Services Combined in one visit

are added into charges

**Medical records will be provided to provider, as necessary.

**Client may be referred to provider or specialist; $Charge for this service varies.

**All Species Nurse may be accompanied by a second person of choice of All Species Nurse 


**A second person may be sent to the home of the client, if necessary, by All Species Nurse


Dianne DeNardo, MHI, BSN, RN, CVT
All Species Nurse, LLC







"Patients, regardless of species, are not all the same with each having unique qualities that dictate the care needed and the means by which it should be provided." ...All Species Nurse


NOTICE: E-mail or other sources of media is the property of All Species Nurse, LLC and contains information that may be PRIVILEGED, CONFIDENTIAL or otherwise exempt from disclosure by applicable law. It is intended only for the person(s) to whom it is addressed. If you receive this communication in error, please do not retain or distribute it. Please notify the sender immediately by E-mail at the address shown above and delete the original message. Thank you.

All Species Nurse, LLC is a mobile service, currently. Patients/Clients are interviewed online, and forms are e-mailed or to be completed in-person. All Species Nurse has the right to refuse services due to safety concerns or outside of scope of practice.

*All Species Nurse has all rights reserved for info and photos sent via e-mail. 

All Species Nurse, LLC (602) 312-7352

All Species Nurse, LLC

(602) 312-7352

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Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have.




Please be sure when e-mailing, place "ASN client" in the subject line. 

In case of emergencies, always call 911 first!

Please schedule at least one week in advance.

Allow for 24-48 hours for returned calls.

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Privacy Policy


Services provided by specialists that are members of All Species Nurse dictate their own schedules, rates and services according to the scope of practice. Specialized services are not covered under All Species Nurse, LLC as indicated in the Indemnity Agreement, but are covered under the specialists' individual insurance. Please refer to your consultant for details. All Species Nurse and members of the All Species Nurse Team (defined as members) mostly work under the supervision of a licensed Veterinarian, Research Scientist (PhD), Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Licensed Nurse Practitioner (NP) or one that is assigned with authorization to have oversight by either of the listed medical professionals above and/or for State or Federal Government recognized and approved facilities defined by All Species Nurse as the supervisor with oversight of the facility OR may be as defined as contractor represented by All Species Nurse, LLC, but carries their own contract agreed upon between services rendered by the certified or licensed contractor, and/or subcontractor, and/or All Species Nurse member and client.   

The said oversight professionals listed above may or may not be located on the premises, in which case the services provided by All Species Nurse is covered at satellite facilities as long as the person(s) in charge of that facility is one that is mentioned above and/or has recognized oversight of services requested to All Species Nurse and its members. *Ordained ministry with the title of 'Priestess' attained through the American Fellowship Church, where the Code of Ethics is implemented and highly regarded with the application of services to any member of the community. This is an independent, Non-Denominational Church that allows for encouraging individual growth and responsibilities to further the goals for the purpose of good intent and for the greater good set forth between the ordained and God. A member of All Species Nurse may work independently if one is a licensed Veterinarian, Research Scientist (PhD), Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Licensed Nurse Practitioner (NP) or certified within their mastered field and is recognized by the school attended, testing center or board that provided exams, if passed, and recognized by the state of Arizona that they may work within their scope of practice, as long as services provided are agreed upon between client and contractor (such as massage therapy). At which case, the input of medical professionals involved in such services is determined between contractor, client and All Species Nurse, LLC. 

If a person utilizing such services by All Species Nurse, LLC and the person admits to treatment by a medical care provider, verbal or written via consent form, then the client must present a written notification by the medical care provider that services provided are safe and appropriate. If the client denies that they are seeing a medical care provider for treatment relating to services rendered by a certified or licensed member of All Species Nurse, LLC, then the certified or licensed member of All Species Nurse, LLC is not responsible for unintended injury or damage to the person or property since potential harm was unknown prior to services. Outreach educational services: All Species Nurse members may work independently from the supervisors listed above when providing lectures through conferences and/or seminars and/or mentoring, educating or consulting the public, those defined as students, and Certified, Registered or licensed Veterinary and Human nurse colleagues. Members of All Species Nurse that provide services are considered subcontractors and/or members and are certified or licensed within their designated specialty. All Species Nurse, LLC represents these subcontractors but is not liable for injuries or damages to an individual or property. The person or parties seeking services provided by All Species Nurse certified or licensed members will agree to sign a consent to such privileges and will be responsible for their own treatment or care if unintended injury, pain or other event occurs during the service period as agreed to between the member and client.   

Certified or Licensed contractors that become members of All Species Nurse, LLC are expected to sign a contract of Labor Agreement specifying labors to be performed, proof of any, all or as requested credentials and experience via copies of licenses, certifications, and/or fingerprint clearance card, resume and/or Curriculum Vitae and a consent form acknowledging risks and use of universal precautions when handling bodily fluids (urine, blood, saliva). 

Termination of the agreement by All Species Nurse, LLC's primary committee may occur if a client has been subject to injury or damage to person or property. 

Should a client become injured or property is damaged in an unanticipated event, coverage is to be discussed between the client and the independent contractor, as All Species Nurse, LLC is not liable for said events. Costs of services are determined between All Species Nurse, LLC and the contractor. Payment plans are adjusted between contractor and client.     

Disclaimer Information provided by All Species Nurse is for educational purposes only! The resources provided are NOT to be used to diagnose or replace treatments of a Medical Physician, other primary medical provider or Veterinarian. ALWAYS contact your health care provider for problems or questions. All Species Nurse, also written as All Species Nurse TM, and corresponding resource sites, should be used only as a tool to communicate with your health care provider or services utilized in affiliation with your primary care provider and/or through permission of the individual client(s) depending on the nature of services that are provided by All Species Nurse members and/or subcontractor's scope of practice. 

Note: Professional members are subcontractors that carry individual insurance and are responsible for their own clients, schedules, and charges. Please contact the subcontractor or ask@allspeciesnurse.com for questions. Thus, All Species Nurse, LLC and its founding members as defined within the Indemnity Agreement, are not responsible for liability claims made against subcontractors. The services provided are to assist persons in their transitions in their professional areas and to promote education through training, mentoring and/or consulting for the purposes of promoting team support, improve communication between patients and healthcare providers and provide safe, quality care to all patients (humans and animals).

All Species Nurse is not responsible for individuals who choose not to abide by set standards promoted by All Species Nurse through these services provided, nor is All Species Nurse responsible for any individual that misuses, misinterprets or abuses the purpose for links and resources provided on any All Species Nurse sites. A medical care provider may be defined as a Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Osteopathy, Nurse Practitioner or Veterinarian. All Species Nurse does not provide independent medical service(s) to the public, unless referred to by "partnered" facilities as an employee of the referring partnered facility specific to the needs of the client as agreed to by All Species Nurse, the specific partnered facility and the client/patient under the direction of a Medical Care Provider. All Species Nurse may choose to contract with and/or for independent professional contractors and/or clients as agreed to by All Species Nurse with the contractor/client. 

This may be clarified through consents which may or may not include oversite of the medical care provider, depending on the situation or circumstances. A Medical Care Provider is necessary if follow up for evaluation is determined during any episodic situation that All Species Nurse acts upon in any rescue attempt. It is the choice, however, of the client/patient (if alert and oriented) or others' responsible for the Client/patient (if the client/patient is under-aged, disoriented, unconscious or suffers from a diagnosed deteriorating brain disease) to accept or deny the ongoing evaluation and/or treatment of a medical care provider as suggested by All Species Nurse. 

Others responsible for a client/patient may be defined as a parent, power of attorney, guardian or other as defined by law as the decision-maker of the client/patient. All Species Nurse and it's members are not responsible for all or any client/patients' process or outcome if the client(s)/patient(s), or those responsible for the client/patient as defined above denies further care and/or evaluation as advised by All Species Nurse and/or All Species Nurse team members by a medical care provider, also defined above. 

Should services include standard nursing care, All Species Nurse will practice under the Nurse Practice Act set forth by the State Board of Nursing under R4-19-402, "Standards Related to Registered Nurse Scope of Practice" in an effort to provide safe, quality, preventative and continued managed care of the patient. All Species Nurse may contact and work with the individuals' medical care provider or a medical care facility if specialized nursing care is necessary.  

Resources: Rules of the State Board of Nursing: R4-19-402: http://www.azbn.gov/documents/npa/RULES_Feb2%202009.pdf

State Practice Act of Registered Nurses: http://www.azbn.gov/NursePracticeAct.aspx

Rules, Regulations Statutes for Certified/Licensed Veterinary Technicians: http://www.animallaw.info/statutes/stusazst32_2201_2296.htm Article 3: 32-2241, 32-2242, 32-2245 Article 5: Emergency Aid 32-2261  

Such services will be financed through out of the pocket cost of the client; we are in the process of setting up insurances through Medicaid, Medicare and various medical insurance policies. It is the responsibility of the patient or guardian of the patient to be responsible for such expenses for services provided by All Species Nurse as agreed upon through the medical care provider and/or the patient or patient's guardian receiving care and All Species Nurse and or It's members. "Partnered" facilities may be defined as facilities seeking All Species Nurse as a contracted employee (not as regular staff or PRN staff of that facility, and by using a separate tax ID number under All Species Nurse, LLC) for the purpose of promoting applications of services defined and agreed to by All Species Nurse according to Standards of Practice of the Arizona State Board of Nursing and Veterinary Board for Veterinary Technicians. Payments for services provided by All Species Nurse will be made in a single payment or agreed payments to either All Species Nurse or the partnered facility by the client. If All Species Nurse is working with a partnered facility, then All Species Nurse will receive a percent agreed upon between the partnered facility and All Species Nurse, with All Species Nurse legally recognized as an employee of the so-called "partnered" facility. Otherwise, services provided by All Species Nurse (such as online consultations via e-mail, blog sites, Myspace page, bulletins, etc.) may not be charged to the client. All Species Nurse can accept or refuse donations (may or may not be financial).

Payment for services does not indicate that All Species Nurse is obligated to the referring source. All Species Nurse is not responsible for paid or unpaid services that do not achieve positive outcomes, or if the client misuses such services or debates consulting efforts. Claims against All Species Nurse is simply useless in the court of law since All Species Nurse is in a position of a not at fault jurisdiction under what is covered under consultation, mentoring and educational rights of an independent professional that works through or with oversight of other medical professionals and/or recognized facilities and/or organizations. Should All Species Nurse be present at the time of any air, land or water emergencies and lifesaving efforts are provided to independent parties or groups (human and/or animal) by All Species Nurse, All Species Nurse is not responsible if such efforts fail or if All Species Nurse is not able to provide any services. Not being able to provide services is determined by All Species Nurse depending on the situation involved. Such situational circumstances can be defined as any time All Species Nurse feels threatened, safety is threatened, lack of supplies, lack of financial support, lack of support systems, etc. While All Species Nurse, LLC is covered in the state of Arizona and through Arizona employed facilities, All Species Nurse, TM is an internationally recognized professional through travels (known as medical missions, visiting scientist, visiting nurse, or volunteer, etc.) and All Species Nurse disclaimers as written 

here is applicable in all states and countries that All Species Nurse chooses to provide care according to Standards of Practice for humans and/or animals as either herself, or as All Species Nurse as defined above and Its team members. All Species Nurse may not charge for such medical missions or etc., however, All Species Nurse may accept or refuse non-financial and financial donations. All Species Nurse is not responsible for information that is misinterpreted, nor is All Species Nurse responsible for the decisions made by clients based on information provided by All Species Nurse, nor is All Species Nurse liable for any services or consultations provided to independent parties, employers or partnered facilities. It is the responsibility of all independent persons and parties to choose information or care provided by All Species Nurse and how they use that information or care. All Species Nurse is not responsible for any type of negative outcomes that clients choose when referring to All Species Nurse web links or services.

Services provided by All Species Nurse may be defined under All Species Nurse web link under "Services provided for the public, nursing students and professionals available" as well as under the public page, student/new nurse page and professionals page. Services may be changed without notification.

Thank you, All Species Nurse