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Promote support for both the hospitalized human patient and their pets until the owner can return home (Pets prove to help patients heal quicker)


Improve effective communication between patients and health care providers


Support the mind, body and spiritual health and wellbeing for promoting health and preventing disease in humans and/or animals.



All Species Nurse will be a valued resource that catalyzes the interactions among the patient, employee, and health care provider, and thus enhances the effectiveness of health care.



Patients, regardless of species, are not all the same with each having unique qualities that dictate the care needed and how it should be provided.


The heart of nursing is to provide service that has the inclusive aim of preventing disease, support the client of prescribed treatments for ailments by their health care provider, promoting healing, and protecting the patient’s psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


Education is a tool that must never put down or taken for granted.


We are introduced to a framework of ideals from which to build on. Embrace it and learn how to use it to benefit others.


Everything is represented by education and caring; not necessarily the degree, but by experience, as well. It's not about self, it's about the needs of the individual(s)


A critical attribute of a nurse for all species is flexibility with the willingness to expand functions and skills. This applies to all service professionals


Nurses’ roles expand beyond the hospital; health interests and concerns are everywhere, and we need to look out for each of them, and each other.

Site Content

Additional Information

The history of All Species Nurse 


All Species Nurse is the brainchild and founded by 

Dianne (baptized name "Hope") DeNardo. 

The "Hope" name continues to be a legacy name.

Dianne has 20+ years in a diverse background with experiences and the education in various settings of integrative medicine as an innovative Professional Registered Nurse (RN), Masters in HealthCare Innovation from Arizona State University and Veterinary Nurse Specialist ( Laboratory Animal Veterinary Technician - LATg - Certified Veterinary Technologist -CVT- with multiple veterinary certifications; veterinary research, veterinary nutrition, dermatology and Biomedical research. She is also an eclectic ordained minister (Reverend) of the American Fellowship Church, to provide spiritual guidance to assist people in their journey in life, even as an individual's life coach. 

Dianne's objectives are demonstrated and clear that the purpose of All Species Nurse was created to support the commitment in the health, well-being, patient education, promotion of health and healing for all species (humans and animals) and the environment. All Species Nurse also supports the advocacy of ongoing growth in healthcare for all patients with safe, quality care and patient rights in the decisions of their health. It is essential in health care as it stands firm within the mission, values and philosophies of All Species Nurse. 

An online encyclopedia (Blog) was created for professionals and the general public as a tool of resources of interests.  This includes published articles by Dianne and anyone that wants to be involved to inform and update readers. 

Dianne collaborates with individuals of various backgrounds, organizations, foundations, and all that are involved in the health care field that share similar goals. All Species Nurse comes from a variety of cultures and provides the support requested specific to the individual or family.

In summary

All Species Nurse educates, is involved in the community, spiritual counseling and consultations serving as a catalyst that bridges the gap in communication between patients, clients, health care providers, spiritualists and one another. Dianne's experiences and interests have led to her founding of All Species Nurse, LLC, a company that provides these critical services to bolster both human, animal and environmental health and spiritual awareness in efforts to increase optimal health capacity for all individuals and their unique needs, regardless of species. 

To know Dianne (All Species Nurse) one will experience the differences as she enriches the lives of all. In addition to Dianne's interests, she acknowledges spiritual well-being as an essential component in healing--for the living and the dearly departed. House Blessings and spiritual mentoring, her consultations and spiritual counseling are helpful additions for clients of All Species Nurse. 

All Species Nurse, LLC (ASN) is a huge advocate for all living things, especially vulnerable human and animal populations and the environment. The biggest encouragement is to "Get Involved; Join a Cause!" to increase awareness of needs to support the health cures of ailments. 

All Species Nurse encourage to integrate pets as family members. If their owners (parents) are in need of specialized care at home or if the owner is in the hospital, the pet receives ongoing care by pet sitters or family members to ensure pets are kept in homes or with family members until the owner returns home, or becomes adopted by family members. The goal is to keep pets out of shelters or become homeless. If an owner is unable to find or have a person assigned to care for the pet, the owner may assign All Species Nurse to find a foster home or care for the pet within their own home until a new home placement is found. This is an added service All Species Nurse provides through an annual payment for Ensurance. 

***The goal of this annual payment is to prevent accidents and promote safety on the road of owners to prevent injuries and lifestyle. It also reduces stress of the owner regarding their pet's care. If the owner has a safe year from being injured, the cost of the annual Ensurance to All Species Nurse is rolled over into the next year, where there is no additional fee.*** 

To inquire how to unite All Species Nurse in advocating for your family, pets and home, contact All Species Nurse to work out the details of the process should anything happen to you or another set of circumstances. 

You can find out more information about this service for Patient Pet Care here

If anyone is interested in collaborating with All Species Nurse in various areas to accomplish growth that serves the community in these areas, please feel free to contact us today.